Enamel Box Pearl
Enamel Box Pearl
Enamel Box Pearl
Enamel Box Pearl

Enamel Box Pearl

67,00 EUR

Brand: Enamel Copenhagen

Artikelnummer: 5732

Art: Ohrringe // Ohrring

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We must say "wow" - take a look at this beautiful and elegant combination of the earchain with a finishing freshwater pearl, the earring with the pretty stones on the front and the earstick with the green enamel on top.

The ENAMEL BOX collection consists of 6 different boxes with both hoops, earchains, beautiful zircons and colorful enamel details. The collection is composed and designed by Marie Rantzau, who wanted to create an unique and extraordinary jewelry universe for all of us who value the quality of the product and the mix of several delicious jewelry.

Size: 10 x 2 mm / 10.2 cm / 3.5 x 17 mm